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Here lies the home of the very best products for your family. As Mr Wembley would say,
“Accept Nothing Less”



Arthur Frederick Von Wembley started life from humble beginnings but was taught by his father to always seek the highest quality and to “accept nothing less”. Master Wembley started as the assistant for the local apothecary. Wembley was as sharp as a pistol and as charming as the Admiral butterfly. He married the apothecary’s daughter and soon took over the establishment. His desire to accept nothing less continued. He travelled to the ends of the British Isles and further beyond to engage with the finest craftsmen, inventors and artisans the world had to offer and find products deemed good enough for his family and the families of his clientele.

Mr Wembley developed into a renowned connoisseur of only the finest brands in the land. We salute Mr Wembley’s endeavours and Wembley Collection is a living testimony of Wembley and his never-ending dedication to providing the very best for his family. Our inventory consists of only the very best merchandise from the finest craftsmen in the United Kingdom and abroad.

Mr Wembley would accept nothing less.


Here lies the story of our inspiration, Arthur Frederick Von Wembley...



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